07. Februar 2019
Some thoughts about the incredible power of network in our (professional) lives.
18. Dezember 2018
Learn from Vasant Narasimhan use #speakclearly #behumble #chartsforyou
04. Dezember 2018
Science Slammerin Thora Schubert zeigt uns #Theshowmustgoon #Struktur3 #BrecheRegeln
22. November 2018
Watch the founder of The Plastic Bank, David Katz use #surprisingstart # #structurebow #talkslowly
15. Oktober 2018
Der wohl erste reine Brotbäcker Deutschlands Max Kugel nutzt ein knackiges Intro, erzählt Geschichten und spricht mehrere Sinne an.
17. September 2018
Three things presenters can learn from Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche.
05. September 2018
John Foley is the founder and CEO of Peloton. We learn from him the use of the "two" structure, of metaphors and to be in time.
23. Mai 2018
Michael Brenner is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. We can learn from him to use #humour, tell #stories and use #audio.
18. April 2018
Julia Bösch is the cofounder and MD of OUTFITTERY. We can learn from her starting with a secret, to interact and to use focused data.
19. Januar 2018
Tim Höttges is renowned to be one of the best speakers among German CEOs. He gave a key note speech at the 2017 impact congress in Krakow. This talks about three major learnings for presenters from the speech.

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