What presenters can learn from Julia Bösch

Julia Bösch is the cofounder and MD of OUTFITTERY, a personal shopping company present in eight European countries. She spoke in June 2017 on the NOAH17 startup conference in Berlin.


We as presenters can learn three things from Julia:

  1. Start with a secret. In her starting words Julia mentions to share insights that she never disclosed before. This raises the attention level big time. Everybody wants to hear something in a presentation which is new to the public. Thus, you feel very special attending.
    You can go even further as a presenter and share a personal secret. This works especially when talking to employees or collegues.
  2. Use interaction. Julia asks the audience who they think is the biggest fashion retailer in the US. Despite seemingly getting no viable response the interaction works for her. People answer the question for themselves. But most don’t dare to speak up as it is the case here. This is sad and leads most presenters not to interact at all. Julia dares to do. Building on the interaction she develops her case in a very straightforward way.
    If you want to drive interaction to a higher level give the audience time to come up with an idea. Address somebody near to you. Or change the question into a quiz. It could go like this: “Who thinks Macy’s is the biggest fashion retailer – hands up? Who thinks its Walmart – hands up? And who thinks its amazon?”
  3. Use data in a focused way. We see Julia use a couple of data points. But only one at a time. Every number underlines a point. It is very easy for the audience to follow.
    Make your data livelier by translating it into visual comparisons, supporting it by props or even demonstrating it live on stage.


If you desire to learn to give speeches like this, please contact me.
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Note: Julia Bösch is not a customer of mine.


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