What presenters can learn from Dieter Zetsche

Well, Dieter Zetsche doesn’t need to be introduced. This video is a kind of infomercial about the future of mobility. Not quite a regular presentation, but I do like it exactly for that.


We as presenters can learn three things from Dieter:


  1. Use props. Dieter works with several props which visualize the content. The seatbelt stands for potential turbulences on the journey to future mobility. An oxygen mask depicts support by a financial controller. A sleeping mask illustrates autonomous driving.
    Whilst very briefly introduced, those props help the viewer to memorize the content. If they wouldn’t be there this would be far more difficult.
    In a “real” presentation with more time to explore them, props work even better. As the presenter holds them in his or her hands, the topic becomes tangible through the prop. Sadly, we barely see any props being used in European presentations. I am glad about this showcase.
  2. Use metaphors. They are close brothers of props. Both address our right brain which focuses on visual elements.
    Dieters whole presentation is a metaphor. We are security briefed about a “flight” into the future of mobility. Consequently, the presentation takes place in a plane (this is also a great use of “space”). The four exits of the plane are a metaphor for the four CASE future business drivers. And finally, Dieter shows with his captains’ hat that he is leading passengers into this future.
    If we use crisp metaphors like these ones we help our audience to better understand our message. They are also used far too little in nowadays business presentations. Go for them if you want to differentiate.
  3. Do not take yourself too seriously. German CEOs are not famous to come across as lighthearted and easy-going folks (like so many US colleagues). Dieter Zetsche is a great exception. If you dare as a CEO of such a huge German company to do a fun presentation like this, you are way ahead.
    You can argue that this is a carefully prepared video. BUT I guarantee there are not many top managers out there who would do this. The result in my pov is that your employees love you for that. You come across as a human with humor. Since Dieter has done a couple of presentations / videos like this one and the car sales have not gone down customers also seem to like it.


If you desire to learn to give speeches like this one, please contact me. I will show you how to shape a clear message, inspire your audience and deliver a speech that makes people act.






Note: Dieter Zetsche is not a customer of mine.


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