MAP - in groups

Despite the current trend towards e-learning there is nothing beyond learning together with other humans. You can experience this in my highly interactive group workshops on the MAP concept.


The program spans over a two-day base module plus a refresher day a couple of weeks later. It is highly interactive. You even won't keep your chair.

Base of the program method are the principles of "Accelerated Learning". This maximizes

the learn effects for everybody in the group. There are 6 to 8 people in a group. Every participant can get a short voluntary individual coaching during the base module.

On the afternoon of the second day every attendee will have to give a short presentation using as many of the learnings as possible. The rest of the group will give profound and motivating feedback.

The refresher day gives participants the opportunity to give a longer presentation. The biggest learning is to see oneselves' huge changes and those of the others. An amazing effect.


Target group: Everybody who wants or has to convince others of his/her ideas.

Benefits: Learn about the three pillars of inspiring presentations. Use them daily. Creat more success.


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