MAP - content

"MAP - present inspiringly" deals with the three areas being most important for presenters.

  1. "MESSAGE" covers what any presentation should focus on, the message. This should be what the audience takes back home. Presenters need to know what their message is. Only then comes all the rest - not vice versa. There are a couple of structures to help us shape the content. Variuos anchors make our message stick.
  2. "AUDIENCE" focuses on the receptors of our message. To deliver a great speech we need to understand the unconscious needs and conscious expectations of our audience. They feel special if we build our presentation around them by using time, place and people being present. Then we will naturally interact and make the difference.
  3. "PERFORMANCE" is on the delivery. It will be done best after a profound mental and physical preparation. There are many dos and don'ts in presenting - and many reasons to sometimes break them. Going ahead of the pack means to use the many tools beyond the projector. They also help us to come across more authentic and have fun with our audience.