This question I regularly get from customers: "How can I get more LinkedIn connections?".
I want to answer it for you as well.
It is NOT about the number of people in your LinkedIn network!
My score in the metric "build relationships" in LinkedIn's Social Selling index is 25 out of 25 max. Though I have just above 1.500 connections. Yet, they seem to be the right ones for the LinkedIn algorythm.
So the question is more how to get the RIGHT connections! Here my tips:
- Link with everybody you are having contact with in your professional life. The CEO and the assistant. No matter.
- ALWAYS add a personal note when asking for a link.
- Do not accept invites from people you do not know. They want to hardsell you something, they are a bot or you will loose the ability to use your network as a strength.
I want to explain this last sentence. Whenever I meet somebody I do not know I check her/him upfront on LinkedIn. When I see mutual connections I often contact them. Also I often refer to mutual connections in a customer call. Bad if they are people you do not know ...