Arnold Schwarzenegger —  "A message to the Russian people"

This video is both a great political message and fantastic example for learning to present.

Schwarzenegger builds in almost anything creating an impact: emotions, personal story, a prop, crisp and short sentences as well as a wonderul bow structure on the weight lifter Vlasov. This will become a classic.

Disclaimer: I do not see how this video is not appropriate to show. Do not get distracted from the youtube disclaimer.

Paul Polman - "Aviance"

Unilever CEO Paul Polman launches a new brand into Malaysia. He shows great positive emotion, demonstrates the power of repetition and makes strong links to the context, i.e. place, time and attendees.
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John Legere - "Uncarrier11"

Put your seatbelt on. Breathe. Go!
T-Mobile US CEO John Legere is the pop star amongst the CEOs. This presentation is a fireworks of energy and ideas. John plays with his audience on various levels, totally focuses on "thank you" and uses a co-presenter.

Randy Pausch - "The last lecture"

This is one of my all time favorites. Very rarely a presentation has such a clear message like this one: Make your childhood dreams come true. To do this Randy interacts throughout with demo, singing, quiz, props and so on.

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Stay cool - überzeugend präsentieren

Starke-Wuschko, Jens — UVK München, 2017

Sorry, only in German :-)

Präsentieren im Studium

Starke-Wuschko, Jens — utb München, 2014

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