What presenters can learn from Robert Reffkin

Compass is a tech unicorn pairing real estate agents and technology in a new way. CEO Robert Reffkin gave a speech to the entiry staff in October 2017 from which I want to stress three learnings for us presenters.

  1. Use personal context. Robert explains how his mother was working as a real estate agent for many years. He describes the many job changes and obstacles she faced. He does this to underline why what he is doing with Compass is important for him on a personal level. This is even stronger as she is sitting visibly in the audience and he is addressing her.
  2. Use clear structures. The program Robert is presenting covers the three areas technology, marketing and community. This structure is shown with three simple and appealing symbols.
    Later he shows how communication tools have transformed in 20 years using “two-structures”. Simple comparisons using pictures. Easy to understand and very good to memorize. And he shows three examples of transformation, not four or more. He sticks to the rule of three.
  3. Use body language. Robert speaks completely free on a stage without lecture stand. This allows him to work with large gestures supporting his words in a personal and human way.


If you desire to learn to give speeches like this, please contact me. I will show you how to shape a clear message, inspire your audience and deliver a speech that makes people move.



Disclaimer: Robert Reffkin is not a customer of mine.


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