What presenters can learn from Carlota Pi

Carlota Pi is the cofounder and CMO of Holaluz, a fast growing green energy company. She spoke early November 2017 on the NOAH17 start up conference in London.


We as presenters can learn three learnings from Carlota:

  1. Tell a personal story. Carlota starts with the story how she celebrated completion of her business school with some friends. They were thinking what to do to improve the world a little pondering about a paper she had written. While Carlota is telling this, she is fiddling out this paper from her neck pouch, seemingly used. It says what she is now up to in three words. Carlota continues with how she and her friends founded and developed a company on this idea, Holaluz.
  2. Be authentic. This sounds pretty easy to achieve. But most presenters in business are not authentic. They play a role pretending to be bolder, cleverer or nicer than they are. The audience is left feeling that something is not right. This harms peoples trust in a presenter.
    Carlota stands out from all the other start up leaders who want to come across as energetic and fast. She talks slow. Her language isn’t polished. And she smiles. A lot. This is different. And I am absolutely sure she is not playing a role. Carlota comes across as trustful. Which is by the way one of the three factors she talks about why her company is different.
  3. Use clear structures. Carlota breaks her presentation into two major pieces: What her company has done so far and what it needs right now. Within the first part she uses a niece “three” structure talking about the three factors of differentiation. And she uses a structure I call “bow” by using her vision paper as a start and ending point.

If you desire to learn to give speeches like this, please contact me. I will show you how to shape a clear message, inspire your audience and deliver a speech that makes people move.




Disclaimer: Carlota Pi is not a customer of mine.


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