What presenters can learn from Sheila Struyck

Sheila Struyck is the head of new mobility solutions at Europcar. She spoke at the Europcar investor day in January 2018. I strongly recommend her speech also from a content pov:


Sheila's presentation is at section 5.


We as presenters can learn three learnings from Sheila:


  1. Show Passion. Throughout her presentation Sheila lets her passion for her topic flow. Even by watching just the video you can feel it. And it is visible. Her body language with very engaged arms show the energy she has. She is so engaged she has to take of her jacket. Unfortunately, Sheila is bound to the lectern. This hinders her a bit. Without a lectern and using a headset microphone she would have come across even more passionate.
  2. Use copresenters. To underline what she is saying Sheila brings three of the external partners she is working with to the stage. She lets them share why they are working with Europcar in their own words. Three very different persons. Very powerful as Sheila profits directly from the expertise those guys present.
  3. Be Personal. Sheila starts with a confession to be special. To be the only person in the management committee to not have a company car. And then she explains very convincingly why. She does it with lots of little stories from her personal life. Sheila supports her case with the personal call-to-action "I want you to sell your car". You can only but trust her :-)


If you desire to learn giving speeches like this, please contact me. I will show you how to shape a clear message, connect with your audience and deliver a speech that makes people move.





Disclaimer: Sheila Struyck is not a customer of mine.