What presenters can learn from Francisco Palao

Francisco Palao is an award-winning innovator and speaker. He is helping organizations to transform for the fourth industrial revolution. In October 2017 he spoke at the annual convention of the Management Association of Pakistan in Karachi.

The speech is in my pov extremely interesting AND we presenters can learn three important things from Francisco (his presentation starts at 1:15 min.):

  1. Make a bold statement. In his opening words Francisco states “Today is the best day in history to make business!”. This is seemingly contra intuitive. Everybody in business thinks that his or her industry is especially competitive and that things are becoming more and more difficult. So, with this statement Francisco catches the audience and you want to understand why he says that (at least I do 😊).
  2. Use context. We see Francisco has learnt this piece very well which many American presenters feature. He declares it is his first time to Pakistan and gives credit to the nice country. He refers to the previous speaker and his topic. And later he uses the venue Karachi Marriott in an example comparing it with Airbnb. Using the context of your presentation makes it more relevant and special for your audience. They will feel privileged if you do it well and will listen more actively.
  3. Have compelling pictures & videos. Francisco uses many different pictures to underline his points. They are not exactly super quality and full screen, but they are spot on. This is what counts most. For example, the picture of the Mexican couple being married through his website is very strong. The videos we see are helping the audience to better understand the environment of the case Francisco is making. This is especially good for a non mother tongue audience. All videos run seamlessly — this is mandatory if we use videos.

If you desire to learn to give speeches like this, do contact me. I will show you how to shape a clear message, inspire your audience and deliver a speech that makes people move.



Disclaimer: Francisco Palao is not a customer of mine.