What presenters can learn from John Legere

With almost 5 million followers on twitter John Legere is more than a normal telecom CEO. Besides his great social media skills, he is a great presenter. I have picked a presentation from June 2016 for you to showcase three things presenters can learn from John (presentation starts after the cool two-minute intro):

  1.  Have a clear message. The whole presentation is about thanking customers. It is written on the wall. Right away John says what the presentation is about. He promises three huge things for T-Mobile customers: T-Mobile Tuesdays, shares for customers and free wifi on domestic flights. Unfolding this content, John uses the words “thank you” many, many times. He does this with a happy smiling face. It comes across as wholehearted.
    If you are a T-Mobile customer and watch this, you can’t get it wrong. Check out the comments below the video to see it yourself.
  2. Use a co-presenter. After two thirds of the content John brings in another speaker. He welcomes him by a big handshake and hug. Michael Sievert is the COO and starts his part by repeating what John delivered already with a little more detail. Then he leads to the third topic. Afterwards he brings in John again to resume.
    Using a second presenter is very clever to make your message stick with more people. Another person can address people the first presenter doesn’t appeal to. The second presenter can use a different style and different tools. All this helps the message to come over in more dimensions. And — the way John and Mike are interacting makes us feel like two friends having fun, not like unapproachable business leaders.
  3. Use context. John thanks T-Mobile customers. He does it where they are getting in touch with the company physically. At a store. Not just a store. The store at Times Square in New York. The end of the presentation is done in the open at Times Square. Behind John you can see the famous billboards — displaying “Get thanked”. Another use of context are T-Mobile employees in the back all wearing magenta shirts. Those are the people customers meet. And here they stand around their CEO supporting the “thank you” message.


If you desire to learn to give speeches like this, do contact me. I will show you how to shape a clear message, inspire your audience and deliver a speech that makes people move.



Disclaimer: John Legere is not a customer of mine.


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